Prancing Deer Web and Graphic Design

Graphic Design

IaDCTA web banner

Project: Web Banner
Client: Iowa Dressage and Combined Training Association (IaDCTA)
Software: Adobe Photoshop

The Brief

Create a web banner the represented the eventing and dressage riding community in central Iowa.

The Solution

The blue gradient background and sweeping green and yellow middle ground were inspired by the wide-open sky and lush green rolling fields. The header was created in Photoshop. Drop shadow and inner shadow effects were used on the jumper and dressage rider shapes respectively to add dimension to the header. The shapes were chosen to represent the two phases of combined training, dressage, and stadium. The shapes were created for the project using the custom vector shape tool. The logo on the left was converted from a bitmap graphic to a vector shape. Black stroke and a drop shadow were also added to the white logo for contrast and to add dimension to the header.