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Graphic Design

Structural Health and Wellness logo

Project: Logo Design
Client: Structural Health & Wellness
Software: Adobe Illustrator

the Brief:

Create a professional logo for Structural Health & Wellness, a massage therapy practice specializing in rehab for acute and chronic pain.

Must Haves:

  • Branded colors


Structural Health & Wellness utilizes Structural Energetic Therapy, or SET to treat acute and chronic pain. After talking with the owner, learning more about SET I decided to sketch out a concept that focused the structural component of the therapy. I went to the internet with the idea of buildings or bridges, but happened upon a photo of a spiral staircase and new I had struck gold. The staircase really emphasized the idea of uncurling the spine. Each step illustrates the patient's progress to a balanced and pain free body. I took the idea to the owner, and she loved it!

With the initial concept down, it was time to bring in color. The owner had three blues picked out for her brand. The darkest and medium blue were used in the handrails. With her permission I pulled in pink for the steps. The theory behind the was two-fold. One, it stands out against the blue. Two, pink is an energetic color, and the ultimate goal for her patient's was a body that would be balanced, active, and energetic. Finally, I went with a blue to transparent and pink to transparent gradient to again bring in the transitional aspect of therapy and that health is a continual journey.